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Top 3 Bitcoin Trading Platform

Posted by on Aug 21, 2015

Top 3 Bitcoin Trading Platform

Bitcoin, a trading system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, is a peer-to-peer system where transactions are verified and recorded in the block chain, which is the Bitcoin distributed ledger. Bitcoin does represents the new frontier in money, as it regarded as the newest, decentralized, digital currency. The reason there was a market for bitcoin is because of credit card transaction fees. Bitcoin is a way to transact while saving on the onerous transaction fees of major credit card companies. Aside from earning Bitcoins through work, they can also be purchased outright with different currencies. Some major companies that now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment include Microsoft, Dell, Overstock and Expedia, to name a few. In a move that gave Bitcoin a lot of credibility, Bloomberg LP, in 2014, announced they will start listing prices from Coinbase on their over 300,000 dedicated financial data terminals. As this new-age system of payments is growing, they are also being traded, on their own dedicated exchanges, much like other currencies do.


Bitcoins can be purchased from individuals directly, and in 2013, the first Bitcoin ATM was installed in Vancouver, British Columbia. These are the 2 safest ways to obtain this form of currency. That being said, there are exchanges where these are actively traded, although buyers should beware, as the fail-rate on transactions is kind of high to foster a true sense of legitimacy just yet, hovering somewhere around 45%. That being said, Coinbase is the best platform for trading if a person has concerns about safety. Generally after making a purchase on Coinbase, the buyer has to wait for the transaction to clear to avoid dilution, identity theft and other problems. Coinbase is very quick to credit Bitcoins to your account, once the transaction does clear.

Mt. Gox was a very popular trading site, however in early 2014 they suspended withdrawls, citing technical issues. By the end of the year, however, they had completely shut their doors and filed for bankruptcy claiming almost 750,000 bitcoins had been stolen. Launched in 2010, Mt. Gox stood for “Magic the Gathering Online Exchange.” Most Bitcoin traders were familiar with this site, but with withdrawal issues plaguing them, Coinsetter, another very popular exchange for Bitcoin trading, was easily able to take over a lot of Bitcoin market share and trading volume, as Mt. Gox was faltering.

Bitstamp is open to anyone who can verify their identity, in accordance with the European compliance standards, and they also have excellent customer service. This might be the hallmark of their success, and their withdrawal settlement times, unlike that of the now defunct Mt. Gox, is right within proper trading range of 2 – 5 business days on settlement. Once a new traders account is verified, meaning they have provided name, address as well as a government-issued ID, they can start trading immediately. This reputable Bitcoin trading exchange is also open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.


BTC China is yet another very popular exchange, although it should be noted they do cater more to the Chinese market. This is one of the highest volume Bitcoin exchanges in existence, and they are also one of the oldest, established in 2011, and headquartered in Beijing. Bitcoins can be bought and sold using China’s currency, the Yuan Renminbi. Baidu, a very successful Chinese internet search engine, started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment as this crypto currentcy popularity is quickly growing in China. BTC China offers low fees on withdrawals, less than 1%, and they also have a lot of payment service options.

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Posted by on Jul 4, 2015


You might ask yourself how is MTV’s adaptation series, a spin-off of a successful movie franchise turn out. Will it lose any of the familiar suspense and drama, as it usually happens with the by-products? The sad truth is, no one knows, and no one can predict what will happen.

The TV series is worth checking out, but mostly if you fall into the MTV’s target demographic. That is, if you are a teenager who was too young to remember the movies. However, if you are older and are looking for the good old adrenaline-fuelled action which we all know and love from the movies, you are in for a disappointment. There will be no blood-soaked streets either.

The only two people to die were the mean girl Nina and her boyfriend, who barely made an impression as a character. There were several fake-outs, but by the end of the episode, the suspense was just not there, as it was with the movies.

If you break it down, Scream is just the same as so many other TV shows that exist today. A bunch of high school kids, being young and reckless, with some sort of threat to their life. It also has well known, cliché characters- the queen bee, the most popular girl with nasty personality, the new kid that keeps to himself, the artsy type that is the outsider, a good girl, smart nerd, and even the girl who sleeps with her teacher.


To put it simply, this is nothing new that we haven’t seen before. But maybe that familiarity is why the series is worth checking out.

Just like the movie, the series also cleverly uses humor, playing with viewers’ expectations on who is the killer. The characters are developed to resemble the core cast of the original movie series. So, if you’ve seen the movies, you know what to expect. However, the difference is that the characters aren’t suffering the same fate as their originals.

This adaptation is a challenge, because it is hard to stretch what was a very successful movie with the suspense and horror into a 10 episode series. What is it that makes Scream different from all other shows about oversexed teenagers, who are bored, and continue to make bad decisions? One explanation might be that you only need to care enough to root for them, for the team who wins the game, or a pretty girl and her love woes. So, when they are murdered, you are hurt. Killing off the bitchy one was a great start – because everyone knows the type and she won’t be missed. But the other characters need to develop.

It is a relief to see that the makers and developers behind this project are aware of the problems that are ahead of them. It is commendatory that they weren’t just going on slashing pretty but dumb girls in bikinis. However, that might not be enough. How they choose to fight those problems will decide the fate and success of this show.

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